How It Works

The system works by virtue of a collaboration with VFS Global, which, early in the pandemic, acted swiftly to build a global network of government-approved testing laboratories, comprising hundreds of collection points in 271 cities, in 46 countries and growing. When booking a pre-travel COVID-19 test, the traveller consents to his or her test results (if clear) being fed directly from the lab to their destination. The authorities in the destination undertake to trust the results because they have come direct from the lab and are therefore difficult to interfere with.

VFS Global is the world’s largest visa outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide. It is trusted by 62 governments, including Australia, Canada, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, USA and most EU and Schengen member states.

OK2Roam’s integration-friendly technical platform provides the interface between VFS Global’s lab network and the destination.

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