Get back to life
before COVID-19

OK2Roam is a new pandemic management system to enable the creation of reduced risk bubbles, where social distancing is not necessary.

Manage your destination, cruise line or other tourism business responsibly, at capacity, and without the need for social distancing.

OK2Roam works by combining:

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    Testing and vaccine checking on the perimeter of a bubble or travel corridor, to keep out identifiable cases of COVID-19
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    State-of-the-art digital contact tracing inside, to close down an outbreak, should the virus get in, and
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    Individual risk scoring, which triggers proactive testing and enables the riskiness of the population within the bubble to be reduced to the point at which social distancing is not necessary.
A Revolutionary New Approach to Pandemic Management

OK2Roam’s proactive, risk-based approach to managing a pandemic is endorsed by leading epidemiologists. It is far superior to traditional techniques because it takes advantage of the latest technology to gain control of disease spread; whereas traditional methods, based on human contact tracing, are highly labour intensive and are soon overwhelmed. In addition to being more sophisticated, up-to-date and cost-effective, OK2Roam allows destinations, cruise ships, resorts and other leisure and hospitality businesses, to operate responsibly at capacity, just as they did before COVID-19. By comparison, traditional methods require travel restrictions and closure of many activities. The table below highlights the principal differences between OK2Roam and traditional pandemic management.

OK2RoamTraditional Pandemic Management
Enable activity by evaluating the risksRestrict activity for fear of the risks
Gain control of an outbreakBecome rapidly overwhelmed
Capitalise on the latest technologyRely on traditional labour-intensive methods
Trace immediately, comprehensively and efficientlyTrace slowly, incompletely and expensively
Anticipate/prevent disease spread based on behaviourTrack disease spread based on exposure
Break contact chains to impede outbreaks, keeps R<1Trace contact chains to chase outbreaks
Use survey and contact tracing data to analyse the pandemic, risk-score individuals and cut spreadingUse survey data to follow the pandemic and evaluate spreading
Re-test potential spreaders often and others less often, which is cost-effective and reduces riskTest everyone often, which is expensive, or less often and rely on damaging regulation
Facilitate bubbles, travel corridors and economic activityRely on travel restrictions
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