Frequently Asked Questions for Travel to Aruba

For questions about Aruba’s Health Requirements, including its Embarkation/ Disembarkation (ED) Card, please go to:

With our process, you give consent to the lab to pass your health results to us and you trust us to pass them on to the relevant authorities to pre-clear you and make your journey smoother. The usual process is different. It is based on health passports or certificates, which need to be scanned and/or checked, which takes time, costs money and causes queues and delays.

When the lab has the result of your test, it will notify you and it will also inform us. We will then send you an email with an access code to copy into Aruba’s ED Card system. As soon as you have done that, your test results will be transferred automatically; and you will receive automatic test clearance to enter Aruba. You will not have to worry about uploading test results; nor will you have to wait for the Aruban authorities to approve your test, as may be the case for other providers.

NO. With our service, you don’t need a smartphone; but you do need a valid email address and access to the internet to complete Aruba’s ED Card process.

Please note that whilst we have made every effort to be up to date and accurate, rules are subject to change without notice. Therefore, government policy overrides the answers to these FAQs. Please go to for the latest information.

Testing options vary from country to country. Where testing at home is offered (eg: across North America by Stage Zero Life Sciences), you are advised to take your test at the earliest opportunity before travelling, to allow maximum time for the sample to be collected and for the test to be conducted. You must check the destination’s website for the latest testing rules and rules of entry.

We recommend you book your test at the earliest possible moment to maximise your chances of getting the time and date most suitable to you. We ask you please to consider the turnaround time advertised by the lab for the test you plan to take, to make sure you receive the result in good time before you depart.


If you prefer to take a test in the convenience of your own home, we ask you to bear in mind that the turnaround time is typically longer than going to a test centre in person.

Testing at home is possible across the USA and Canada with Stage Zero Life Sciences, which offers a saliva-based test, conducted under video supervision, which is much more comfortable than the traditional nasopharyngeal swab. Stage Zero offers discounted pricing for travellers to Aruba and money-saving package prices for couples and families. Pricing information is available by clicking the View More link for Stage Zero, which is found at after selecting Canada or the USA at the foot of the page.


Same Day Health, has dozens of test centres in many major cities in the USA. It offers PCR tests which can be paid for with an insurance card and discounted prices for travel to Aruba. When testing with Same Day Health, it is essential to use the code ARUBA when booking a test to access the OK2Roam service. The code also provides a 5% discount.

Yes. All you need do is chose Aruba as the country where you want to book a test; and you will be taken to our lab partner there.

If you have not received your test result within the expected time, please check your spam or junk email folder in case the message is there. If it isn’t, please call the lab to ask where it is.

You should receive your access codes by email soon after receiving their test results. If it has not arrived, you should first check your spam or junk email folder in case the message is there.


If you have taken a test with Same Day Health, you need to log on to the portal and go to the page where your test result is provided. There you will find a link to use your test for travel. You must follow the link labelled OK2Roam/Aruba (Figure 1) and complete the instructions in the pop-up box (Figure 2) which will be displayed. The access code will only be emailed to you after this is done.

Figure 1
Figure 2

If neither of the above suggestions help, the next step is to contact the lab to seek assistance, as the solution will most likely be found with the lab.


As a last resort, you can call the VFS Global-OK2Roam support number, +1 202 773 6392, for advice.


If none of the above is successful, you can upload a test result to Aruba manually using this link:

If you have left it too late, we advise you to contact the authorities in Aruba by emailing or calling (from the USA) 1 800 862 7822.

Because the entry rules are subject to change at short notice, please contact the authorities in Aruba by emailing or calling (from the USA) 1 800 862 7822.

For entry into Aruba from most countries, depending on the risk levels, it is necessary to take a PCR test even if you have been fully vaccinated. Please visit for the full detail and latest information.

Aruba is not accepting antigen test results. Please visit for the latest information.

Under our agreement with Aruba’s Directorate of Public Health, it is willing to trust the validity of test results because they are sent to it directly from our global network of government-approved testing laboratories. The advantage of our process is that there is no opportunity for interference with the test results or the manufacture of fake certificates. It also means that the time and money which would otherwise need to be spent creating certificates, cross-checking their validity and making travellers wait while that all takes place, can be eliminated. Our process saves everyone time, money and hassle!

Very! We take privacy and cyber security extremely seriously. We cannot afford to comply with anything but the highest standards because the core business of VFS Global is handling sensitive visa applications on behalf of more than 60 governments, including Australia, Canada, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, USA and most EU and Schengen member states. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that we were to receive an inappropriate request from one government, we are well placed to resist it and instead insist on the highest standards of data integrity, because anything less could risk our relationships with other governments.


Click here to review our Privacy Policy.

Yes. All you need do is email us, and we will promptly remove any data we hold about you.

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